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What we don't teach: unwavering compliance from our dogs in any and all circumstances.

What we do teach: creating relationships, skill building (for humans and dogs), understanding of your dog as a species, a breed, and an individual, environmental management, effective communication across species.

Our clients learn what motives their dogs, how to listen and be heard by their dogs, how to teach their dogs the skills he/she needs to be accepted in the human world, and how to arrange the environment around them to set their dog up to succeed in training, and in life.

Our programs focus on allowing you to enjoy time with your dog. Whether chilling at home, visiting friends and family, or sharing adventures together.

Train a dog you can trust, and who can trust you.

keystone puppy training

Keystone Dog Training Puppy Programs are designed with a decade of experience behind them, and were made with you in mind: the frustrated and lost puppy owner.

All puppy programs focus on being proactive and working to establish solid and reliable behaviours in order to prevent unwanted behaviours in the future.

Gain coaching and support every step of the way on everything puppy. From what food bowls to buy, living with a land shark biter (and surviving), the best toys, to wow-ing your friends with a well behaved dog, you have a coach in your corner.

For puppies up to 12 months of age.

Using modern and humane training methods, utilizing the latest science-based protocols, Keystone Dog Training Programs focus on teaching basic cues (sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, etc), but also basic life skills (learning to calm down, to accept handling, to politely express their needs and wants, etc).

These fundamental skills are taught in a systematic way to build reliable cooperation, concentrating on successes and progressing as a team.

Our innovative systems coach owners every step of the way. Phone, email, or text support provides 24/7 reassurance to our clients, because dog training isn't just a 9-5 gig.

For dogs ages 6 months to seniors.

dog obedience training
keystone behaviour modification

Specializing in behaviour modification, Keystone Dog Training understands exactly how frustrating, and even embarrassing it can be sometimes.

For dogs' that struggle with fear, aggression, reactivity, inability to settle, excessive barking, and more, Keystone Dog Training Programs are just a starting point, a guideline if you will.

Because no two dogs' are alike, and no individual or family is alike, we offer holistic training solutions to best suit your needs in your current environment.

With personalized plans to fit your dogs' needs and your lifestyle, we work hard so you can be as successful as possible.

Struggling with grooming and veterinary procedures?
Whether you're struggling with nail trims, medicating ears or eyes, vet visits, or grooming, we're here to help.
Our husbandry program has taken a decades worth of personal experience and training techniques to design a system that's easy to follow.
Easier nail trims and vet visits are possible!

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