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Level Up Pup!

A program to fit your individual needs.

All programs are online via our online library and video conference calls.

Level Up Pup! covers:

  • House training

  • Crate training

  • Basic obedience cues

  • Greeting visitors

  • Handling and conditioning for nail trims, grooming, and veterinary procedures

  • Walking on leash

  • How to properly socialize your new puppy

  • How to train a puppy that can be calm and settle in any situation

Level Up Pup! goes beyond the basics. This program focuses on teaching a solid foundation for life skills that will help you and your pup for years to come.

Creating a dog who is calm, able to focus and follow cues, able to regulate their own energy.

Establishing basic cues such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come when Called and more.

Strengthening learned behaviours week by week, slowly and systematically to ensure our puppies are successful at each stage of the training.

Progressing from getting behaviours reliable around the home to the real world, like when visitors enter your home, when out on walks, and when traveling.

Please Contact Us prior to purchasing the Hybrid or Private Coaching Programs.

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Level Up Pup! Self Study

$120 CDN

Work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Access previously recorded group classes and program handouts.

Level Up Pup! Group Class

$160 CDN

Starting Jan 21, 2021

This 8 week online group class meets once a week. Students are able to upload training videos for feedback and participate in an exclusive online student community.

Level Up Pup! Hybrid

$515 CDN

This program allows you to access the self-study curriculum online and schedule 4 one-to-one sessions with your trainer for personal coaching.
Schedule sessions in advance to help keep you on track, or schedule as you progress through the program.

Level Up Pup! Private Coaching

$1,080 CDN

Coaching over 8 one-to-one sessions. Meet with your trainer weekly for fully personalized  homework that works for you and your dog.



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