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Positive Dog Husbandry- Part 1 Private

Positive Dog Husbandry- Part 1 Private

Definitions: counter conditioning, desensitization, thresholds, emotional responses

Body Language and body language observation skills

Thresholds: How to find your dogs thresholds and how to work outside of them

Food Choice: The importance of choosing the right food for your dog and how to find what their preferences are

Handler Skills and Mechanics: How to improve your own skills and timing for successful counter conditioning

Homework Requirements
Each class ends with a small homework assignment. This helps us review your progress and provide feedback if needed.
​You will need a camera to record video and the ability to upload videos for review. Videos can be uploaded to your own cloud services, or added to our members-only online forum.
Students will need to join our members-only online forum to access program handouts. A link will follow shortly after sign-up.
Payment Processing
All online orders are charged in Canadian Dollars and processed through a third-party payment provider. Canadian residents may purchase programs through Interac e-transfer. Contact Us for more details.
Part 2 is only available to those who've successfully completed Part 1.