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Virtual Dog Training

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Does virtual dog training really work?

It does. And we'll show you how.

With the current global pandemic in full swing, everything has moved online.

Students are attending school online, bored adults are taking up new hobbies online.

You can find video tutorials and classes for almost any hobby. Knitting, painting, woodworking, dance, yoga, home repairs, You name it, you can learn it online.

So is dog training any different? Not really.

Here's a little secret about dog training and dog trainers...

We rarely train dogs. We train owners!!!

A dog trainers' main job is owner education. Humans are our students.

We teach humans how to house train their puppies. We teach humans how to read their dog's body language and respond accordingly. We teach humans how to train their dogs to sit, lay down, stay, etc.

In-person or online, a dog trainer's role remains the same.

All of our programs include video tutorials and written instructions.

Private coaching programs and online group classes allow our students to train live during video calls with us and submit training videos. This allows us to provide feedback and coach you through the process. It's a team effort, and no different than how we would coach and guide you in real-time and in person.

Have you learned any new skills while stuck at home?

Let us know in the comments below.

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