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Level Up Pup! Hybrid

Are you a DIY-er, but need help staying on track sometimes? This program was made just for you!

This program allows you to access the self-study curriculum online and schedule 4 one-to-one sessions with your trainer for personal coaching. Schedule sessions in advance to help keep you on track.

One-on-one sessions allow your trainer to provide individualized assistance to best help you and your pup, and provide customized homework to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

To ensure this program is right for you and your dog please Contact Us before signing up or purchasing.

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How does a hybrid program work?

Level Up Pup! is entirely online.

Work through the program at your own pace, scheduling sessions with your trainer at regular intervals or when you need them most.

Your instructor, Sheena Neil, coaches you on how to train your puppy and begin implementing the training in real life situations.

Students have access to a members-only forum where they can meet other puppy owners, share successes, and ask questions between classes.

Does this program address behaviour problems?

This program is perfect for preventing behaviour problems before they start, it does not address behaviour problems that are already being displayed.

See our Behaviour Programs for more details on behaviour modification.

Can I really be successful without a trainer helping me in person?


Level Up Pup! allows you full access to our online library which includes handouts and video tutorials.

Students are also encouraged to send videos to their trainers for review. This allows us to coach you and help you be as successful as possible.

You may also train your puppy during your video calls with your trainer.

How often should I meet with my trainer?

Level Up Pup! is an 8 week/module program. We recommend no more than 3 weeks between sessions with your trainer. This helps keep you on track and keep your training momentum going.

Level Up Pup! Self Study is better suited for those who wish to work at their own pace.

Level Up Pup! Hybrid: FAQ
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