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Dog Therapy

Positive Dog Husbandry

Nail trims, ear cleaning, and eye drops. OH MY!

This 4-week online course will get you, and your dog, more comfortable with these procedures and will lay the foundation for helping your pet feel more at ease.

All programs are online via our online library and video conference calls.


We've been there!

  • The nail trims gone bad

  • Serious ear infections requiring drops multiple times a day

  • Scary vet visits

  • Regular needle injections

Positive Dog Husbandry Part 1 will give you a deeper understanding of the counter conditioning process, and the skills to apply the knowledge effectively.


Positive Dog Husbandry Online Program

What is covered:

  • Definitions: counter conditioning, desensitization, thresholds, emotional responses

  • Body Language and body language observation skills

  • Thresholds: How to find your dogs thresholds and how to work outside of them

  • Food Choice: The importance of choosing the right food for your dog and how to find what their preferences are

  • Handler Skills and Mechanics: How to improve your own skills and timing for successful counter conditioning


This program is available worldwide and presented in English.

All classes will be in Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6). All classes are recorded.


Positive Dog Husbandry Online is a good choice for you if:

  • You struggle to do basic grooming with your dog

  • Feel defeated every time you have to force your dog to do something they need done

  • Wish you could do nail trims yourself at home


Meet Your Trainer

Sheena Neil

In case you don't know Symka and I from our Facebook groups, here's a quick history.

Symka broke her pelvis as a puppy, this of course led to a major fear of vet clinics. She has struggled with ear infections her whole life, and I have struggled to get medicated drops into her ears during painful flareups.

We've had several bad nail trimming experiences. You know the ones, where the house looks like a murder scene!

Over the years, and with much training, these things have become much easier. Symka's favourite place in the world now is the vet clinic, where she goes every 4 weeks for injections.


Positive Dog Husbandry Online Training