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Welcome to the Keystone Dog Training Help Center. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients into one place. Check them out below - maybe you’ll have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

What is your training methodology?

We pride ourselves in using the latest, science-based, training methods. We employ positive reinforcement, counter conditioning, and desensitization.

These training methods provide owners with the confidence to train their dogs, and results in long-lasting and reliable behaviours.

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Which breeds does Keystone Dog Training work with?

All. While breed is important, we use a holistic approach that looks at every animals needs based on their species, breed, and as an individual.

Does Keystone Dog Training offer on-going support?

Absolutely. Our puppy training programs focus on preventing problems before they start, and supporting owners for the life of their dog.
Owning a dog with behaviour problems is frustrating, embarrassing, and often exhausting. We know, we've been there!
Our coaching and support doesn't end at the end of a particular session or package. We are always here to help and are just an email or text away.

What does Keystone Dog Training do differently than others in your field?

Our training is customized to meet your needs.

Our packages do have program outlines that we follow with all our clients, but every client gets coaching and homework based on your family needs and the needs of your dog.

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Is dog training really worth the investment?

We believe so, yes!
Behaviour problems are the #1 reason dogs are re-homed.
We specialize in behaviour modification with the goal to keep dogs in their current homes (though sometimes re-homing is best, and we can help you do that).
With over a decade of experience working with fear, reactivity, aggression, over-arousal, and more, and by continuing our own education, we provide clients with training solutions that work best for them and their dogs.

Will Keystone Dog Training work with our veterinarian on behaviour problems?

Yes. Because sometimes it takes a village.
We often refer behaviour cases to a veterinarian to rule out any medical causes for behaviour problems. And we are happy to work collaboratively with your dogs entire care team.

Does Keystone Dog Training guarantee my dog will be fixed?

There are no guarantees in behaviour. The professional organizations we belong to prevent us from offering guarantees in their Code of Ethics.

Success is determined by many factors outside of our control (ex: owner compliance, ability to practice between sessions, etc).

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Does Keystone Dog Training train my dog for me?

Keystone Dog Training provides owners with the knowledge and skills to train their own dog. We feel this type of training is most effective because you will have the ability to train regularly, to train in the situations where you need it the most (when on walks, when visitors enter your home), and you will have the problem solving skills to make adjustments in real-time with your dog.

What is the time commitment required to train my dog?

Training is most successful when owners are committed to working daily with their dogs. Most of our basic programs require about 30 minutes of training per day. Training plans are designed to incorporate training in your day to day activities.
Behaviour modification requires an additional time commitment, as owners may need to log their training sessions, record training sessions, or discuss training with the trainer between sessions so we can make adjustments on the go.

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