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Behaviour Programs

We are not accepting new clients at this time.

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It can be really frustrating - if not downright embarrassing - when your dog acts out at home or in public.  Sometimes it can even be dangerous.  For you, your dog, and others.

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How We Can Help

Here at Keystone Dog Training, we believe that your dog’s behaviour serves a purpose. Whether it’s to communicate a need they have to you, to others around them, or to access something they want, we will help you solve the mystery of “Why does my dog act this way?”.

Sure, it would be a whole lot easier (and less stressful) if they could just speak human.  But that’s where we come in.  We’ll help you understand your dog’s outward behaviours so you can confidently interpret their inner needs and respond appropriately and effectively. 

We’ll teach you the skills and tools necessary to address the underlying issue that in turn helps you transform your dog’s undesirable behaviours. 

The best part?  Our methods strengthen your relationship with your dog through positive reinforcement - we’ll never ask you to punish your dog to get results.

​We look at each situation with fresh eyes and a sense of curiosity.   You can expect to receive customized homework that suits your individual style and unique needs, as well as your dog’s.

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What is Behaviour Modification?

Behaviour modification seeks to address a dog's underlying emotional responses and overall well being.

Using the latest methods in behaviour modification we work to address common problems, such as:

  • Leash reactivity - barking and lunging at people or dogs when on walks

  • In-home reactivity - excessive barking at windows or outside sounds

  • Shy and nervous dogs - nervousness on walks, at the groomer or vet, in their own home

  • Over arousal and excitability- inability to settle down, constantly hyper and energized

  • Resource Guarding - guarding food, toys, furniture, etc

  • Separation Anxiety - separation anxiety and distress when left alone or when a specific owner is absent

  • Inter-dog relationships with housemates

  • New baby preparations - help your dog get ready for the arrival of a new baby *New Program Coming Soon*

  • Husbandry training - help your dog to be comfortable with nail trims, grooming and veterinary procedures

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Our programs are a good choice for you if you:

  • Feel confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting info out there

  • Have tried everything and not seen any improvement

  • Are willing to put in the time to practice with your dog

  • Know you do not want to punish your dogs behaviour

  • Have a strong desire to build a good relationship with your dog

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs prior to purchasing the Starter Pack or Beyond Basics Programs.

While you wait for our reply we ask that all behaviour inquiries also fill out our intake form at www.keystonetraining.ca/intake

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Meet Your Trainer

Sheena Neil

With over a decade of experience working with dogs and studying dog behaviour, Sheena uses a holistic approach to behaviour modification.

Working to understand how and why each individual dog behaves the way they do, Sheena focuses on customized solutions to suit each individual dog she works with.

Behaviour Programs: About Me

Online Behaviour Modification

Helping Your Reactive Dog

$215.00 CDN

Owning a reactive dog is a lot of work. It's embarrassing.

It's exhausting.

But it doesn't have to be!

Join us live on Sept 21st and 28th 7-9 PM.

  • What reactivity is and the long-term effects

  • How to manage reactivity to make life easier for you and your dog

  • And More!!!

Starter Program Online

$495 CDN

For dogs who need to establish basic cues and manners, or dogs with mild behaviour problems.

  • Two Hour Initial Consultation

  • 3x 45 Minute Remote Coaching Sessions

  • Basic Cues (sit, down, stay, recall)

  • Access to our online library

  • Access to our exclusive online student community

  • 24/7 Phone and Text Support

Beyond Basics Online

$685 CDN

For dogs struggling with fear, aggression, or reactivity.

  • Two Hour Initial Consult

  • 5x 45 minute remote coaching sessions

  • Basic cues (sit, stay, down, recall)

  • Stress Detox Program

  • Access to our online library

  • Access to our exclusive online student community

  • 24/7 Phone and Text Support

Behaviour Programs: Price List

What other students say about us.

More testimonials here.

Sheena helped us change that guarding behaviour as well as minimizing its occurrence. Our sessions were tailored to our needs and we’ve been able to use what we learned in new situations.


She didn’t teach Locksley to obey — she taught me to understand more of what he was trying to communicate and what he needed and how I could ensure his needs were met in a positive and healthy way that works for us both. 


Behaviour Programs: Testimonials


What is the Stress Detox Program? Is it required?

Our Stress Detox Program uses a holistic approach to decrease a dogs overall stress, thus creating a balanced and adaptable dog.

The Stress Detox is employed before any behaviour modification begins.

Blog- Keystone Training Stress Detox.

What does Keystone Dog Training do differently than others in your field?

Our training is customized to meet your needs.

Our packages do have program outlines that we follow with all our clients, but every client gets coaching and homework based on your family needs and the needs of your dog.

Blog- What is Behaviour Modification?

Does Keystone Dog Training train my dog for me?

Keystone Dog Training provides owners with the knowledge and skills to train their own dog. We feel this type of training is most effective because you will have the ability to train regularly, to train in the situations where you need it the most (when on walks, when visitors enter your home), and you will have the problem solving skills to make adjustments in real-time with your dog.

Does Keystone Dog Training guarantee my dog will be fixed?

There are no guarantees in behaviour. The professional organizations we belong to prevent us from offering guarantees in their Code of Ethics.

Success is determined by many factors outside of our control (ex: owner compliance, ability to practice between sessions, etc).

Blog- Choosing a Dog Trainer.

Does online training really work?

Yes it does!
Dog training, in general, is about owner education. Whether the topic is: house training, leash walking, sit, or stay, it is the owners who are learning new skills along with their dog.

Private coaching gives you everything you need to confidently train your dog at home.

Blog- Virtual Dog Training.

How long will training take?

Each sessions is 1-2 hours in length.

Sessions are scheduled every 1-2 weeks.

Owning a dog with behaviour issues is a long term commitment. They may always need some level of management, and/or refresher training.

Nothing beats the sense of pride in building a strong relationship with your dog and watching them flourish.

Behaviour Programs: FAQ
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