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COVID-19: Due to provincial restrictions, in-person training is not currently available.

All classes and personal coaching are done via video calls.


Keystone Dog Training Service Policies and Contract Agreement

Training Service Policies and Contract Agreement for Keystone Dog Training consultations and packages


Homework and Training Programs

When your trainer meets with you, a training program will be set and you will be given specific things to work on along with protocols to read and apply. Owners are required to join the closed Keystone Dog Training Facebook group and read all required reading material within the group.

Your dog’s success is based on your ability to carry out the program as laid out by your trainer. Training is a commitment that should be taken seriously and if you cannot commit to working with your dog daily, as per the instructions of your trainer, your dog’s program will not succeed.

If you have any questions, do not understand, or cannot do some of the things laid out by your trainer, please discuss this immediately (or no later than three days after the most recent session). In doing so we may accommodate you and modify the protocol to help you carry out the homework as laid out.

Your trainer is only there to make your program successful so you may attain your goals. Therefore, any concerns or challenges need to be addressed immediately so we may assist you in reaching your training goals. Training is for the life of your dog and must be maintained with regular practice for the remainder of your dog's life.


Service Fees and Payment

A $150 deposit is required upon booking your initial lesson with your trainer.

You are required to pay for your training package in full when you meet with your trainer for the first lesson.
Cheques returned as 'Non-Sufficient Funds' will be subject to a $40 service charge.

Single sessions are charged at $175.00 per session outside of a package contract and does not include travel.

Pricing is based on one dog per household. Additional fees of $75.00/additional dog may apply (excluding Puppy Prep and Right Track Puppy Package).


Refunds and Guarantees

Refunds or guarantees are not available. Compliance by a dog owner cannot be guaranteed. The trainer can give you the tools to succeed but it is up to you, the dog owner, to apply what is learned in training and practice throughout the course of your day, every day.

Private lessons are non-refundable. Unused lessons will not be refunded or transferred.


Payment Types

We accept e-Transfers and credit cards. Credit cards are processed online through our Paypal or Square. Please verify your payment type with Keystone Training prior to sending a deposit and/or purchasing your training package.



Each training lesson may last between 30 and 120 minutes.

It is your responsibility to schedule the time/appointments, return phone calls from the trainer within 48 hours, and allow no more than three weeks between each lesson.



You have 70 days from the date of your first lesson to complete a package of 3 lessons, 90 days to complete a package of 4 lessons, 115 days to complete a package of 5 lessons, 140 days to complete a package of 6, 180 days to complete a package of 8 lessons. If lessons are not completed in this time frame, your future lessons will be lost. No refunds are granted for finished or unfinished lessons.
New consultation and package fees may apply in order to resume training after package expiration.


Owner Compliance

Basic training and behaviour cases involve intense learning for owners. It is your responsibility to follow your trainers instructions and recommendations, read relevant material provided by your trainer, watch relevant videos provided by your trainer, and to follow appropriate management and safety protocols. Failure to do so may result in termination of your training package and contract.


Phone/Text/Email Support

Telephone and text message support is available, during business hours, for the duration of your training package. Additional support is available via telephone or text message for up to 3 months after the completion of programs less than 4 sessions, and up to 6 months after the completion of programs with 5 sessions or more. This is to help you and your dog succeed in your training program.
Not all issues can be addressed via telephone. Additional lessons may be required and are subject to additional fees.



We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice before cancelling a scheduled lesson. In the case of failure to give the required 24 hours’ notice, the single lesson cancellation fee will apply and will be deducted automatically from the balance of lessons. Lessons will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

Cancellations must be done via telephone or text message ONLY.



Should a trainer show up for a scheduled lesson and no one is home/available, the single lesson cancellation fee will apply and will be deducted automatically from the balance of lessons.



You agree to work with Sheena Neil/Keystone Training exclusively for the agreed upon time frame, unless referred to another trainer or specialist by Sheena Neil/Keystone Training. Hiring another trainer forfeits your balance of remaining lessons and all unused course fees.


Training Methods

Aversive training methods may be counter-productive in reaching your goals. Sheena Neil/Keystone Training reserves the right to terminate training lessons and/or the entire training package at her/their own discretion. Using physical punishment is grounds to terminate services. Physical punishment includes, but is not limited to, physically hurting or correcting a dog, choke chains, pinch collars, shock collars, citronella collars, etc.


Online Training and Coaching

Due to the nature of online training and coaching, and lack of hands-on demonstration, it the responsibility of the Owner/s to practice regularly, video record training sessions when possible, and report to Sheena Neil/Keystone Training on a regular basis for followup. By accepting services from Sheena Neil/Keystone Training the Owner/s accept the terms and responsibilities of practicing regularly and maintaining communication with Sheena Neil/Keystone Training for followups.

Online training and coaching is limited to obedience training and basic behaviour modification only. Additional hand-on training sessions can be booked separately.



Sheena Neil/Keystone Training will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries (including death), or property damage. You agree to be held responsible for your dog's behaviour, health, and actions, should your dog do harm to people or animals in any way. You understand that Sheena Neil/Keystone Training is required by law to report dog bites to authorities.



All dogs over the age of 16 weeks must be vaccinated against rabies. Proof of vaccination is required for in-person training.


Photo/Video Release

Pictures, audio, or video taken during training sessions are the property of Sheena Neil/Keystone Training and can be used for marketing, promotion, and training purposes.



I, the dog owner as named below, have read and fully understand all of the contents of this document. By entering my name below I agree to all rules and policies as laid out in this document.



By signing below you agree to Keystone Dog Training's terms and agreement. A copy will be emailed to you shortly.



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