"In a very short period of time Sheena has provided us with the tools and knowledge to have him following basic commands. Our biggest challenge was dinner time and now instead of jumping on us and putting his giant paws on the table he sits on his pillow throughout the whole meal! We would highly recommend Sheena to anyone who wants a well-behaved canine."

Allison B and "Tundra" 

"The dog obedience training was very educational, personable, and affordable! With Sheena's help we have not only taught our dogs commands for behaviour but also helped our dog Murphy to improve with his fear aggression issues. Sheena gave us the tools to continue to improve their behaviour and the encouragement we needed to continue."

Brittany R, “Murphy”, and “Maddie”

" (Sheena) taught us how to get control and keep it! I learned some invaluable skills from her: to make our dogs sit before meals, to make them sit before leaving the house or yard, and to walk them properly on a leash. Because of her help, our 1 year old husky has not ever tried to escape our four foot fenced yard and i can leave the gate open and walk halfway up the street without worrying that he'll run out of the yard. Sheena made us feel very comfortable talking about where we struggled and how we could work on it. She offered awesome advice, research, techniques and even ideas for tricks!
And it was all so affordable!
Before she came, my fiance and I were ready to pull our hair out and with her help we are able to enjoy and love our pets as part of our family!
Thanks Sheena!!!"

Sarah K, “Harley”, and “Max”

Banner and I had a great experience with Keystone. We both learned a lot, and it was something positive to do together. I was surprised how well he did in training- he is such a quicker learner and very well motivated. Sheena is great with him and he loves her.
She was able to adapt her lessons to his awkward physical stature and show him what he was expected to do for us. Thanks to her, he has set out to prove not all Bulldogs are stubborn, grumpy, or unmotivated!"

Heather B and "Banner" 

"We learned a lot in the short six weeks and have been able to take lessons learned and expand on them , thanks to the information you brought to us and the tools to get the job done , based on positive methods.
 Your kindness and tender touch made Scotty's learning experience a pleasant one , especially when we were able to do it in his familiar environment.
 I am sure you will have a successful career , in animal training , as your kind and gentle approach shines through.

Barbara H and “Scotty”