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Sheena helped us better understand the behaviour of one of our pups in particular! 
Sully was showing a lot of reactive behaviour towards other dogs and was scared of vehicles so taking him for walks was challenging.
Sheena helped us work on it and he’s much more relaxed on walks now and is getting the hang of loose leash walking!
You can tell Sheena cares about what she does and knows what to look for. She’s been very helpful to us and I’m glad we went with Keystone! Definitely recommend!
Olivia, Kyle, "Morgan", and "Sully
My girls and I met Sheena two years ago when we moved from Fort St John to Lloydminster. We had adopted our German Shepard X, Roxy, in December and she changed our lives. Gone were the days of loose leash walking, camping, calm drives in the vehicle or ever really being relaxed in public with my dogs. 
Roxy is highly reactive, a term I didn't know or understand until I met Sheena. Since the moment she walked through our doors, we have made huge strides in learning to live with and accept that Roxy and Daisy are special. Wonderful, beautiful, smart, challenging and special. 
Everyday is a learning experience and over these past two years, with Sheena's kind, knowledgeable, respectful guidance, we have come so far!

95% of the time, Roxy walks loose leash. 9 out of 10 walks with Daisy I can keep her under threshold when passing other dogs on the sidewalk or in back yards. We can have visitors come to the door with very minimal barking or jumping. 
We will never wander through a campground, happily sniffing other dogs and people, but I am Ok with that! I myself don't enjoy small talk with strangers either, I get where they are coming from! 

Sheena is the best thing that could have happened to our family. She isn't just our trainer and life saver, but also a wonderful friend!


Lori, "Roxy", and "Daisy"

"Six Reasons to Choose Keystone Training: 

1) Qualified Instructor   
2) Puppy learns Positive Reinforcement methods  
3) No Punishment   
4) Step by Step Instructions   
5) Hand-outs    
6)  Instructor comes to my home"

Lynn P and "Maisy"

I never thought after six weeks you could see such a difference in a 5 month old puppy.
Sheena has provided us with the proper techniques and ideas to keep Kona challenged and learning.  Her basic commands come a lot quicker and she loves learning new tricks.  
Sheena took a daunting task and turned it into a fun experience and our results are more than impressive.  
Thanks to Sheena, Kona loves to show off her new tricks like Play Dead.   

Ashley R and "Kona"

I initially entered my 2 dogs into Sheena's six week obedience class thinking it would be a fun interactive thing to do with my dogs. 
But what I didn't expect was just how much my dogs and I would take away from this fun and interactive class in such a short time.  Prior to these classes I often found myself very frustrated trying to work with 2 dogs that have very different temperaments and needs. 
Sheena was very patient with us and showed us different techniques that fit each dog needs.  
Taking these different positive reinforcement methods and applying them into our daily home life, and being consistent with them has made working with my dogs enjoyable again!
Libby, my very shy and timid dog has slowly opened up to people and other dogs with out running to her kennel or hiding in a corner.  We are now able to take her to more places like the dog park where she enjoys running off leash with other dogs.  
And Izzy, my very busy and hyper dog that I struggled to keep her attention, has since become very responsive to me and my commands and loves to show off her tricks. 
This is all thanks to Sheena's activities that has made the learning fun and easy for both me and the dogs!!! 
Thanks again Sheena for everything you taught us and the girls!!

Tara & Brett and "Izzy & Libby"!
(Vermilion Group Class-Fall 2013)

I saw a great improvement in Cinder during and after training. I think starting her with Keystone at an early age was very beneficial. Sheena does a great job of teaching the puppy as well as the owner! 

Tasha R and "Cinder"

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