Dog Suitability:

  • Healthy, free of disease and parasites. If your dog is vomiting, has diarrhea, or any other signs of illness we ask that you not attend class.
  • Puppies require their first vaccination (or titer test) and deworming. Please allow 7 days after initial vaccination before attending class.
  • Dogs must be social with other animals and people. Dogs must not display aggression or extreme fear towards dogs and people. If your dog is fearful or shy please discuss with trainer before Registration.
Owner Suitability and Responsibilities:
  • Children ages 6 and over are welcome to attend class. Parents are responsible for ensuring children and dogs are able to focus and do not distract other students. Children under the age of 16 can not be sole handlers during class and require a parent/adult to be present.
  • Owners are expected to practice outside of class.
  • Owners agree to ask permission before allowing their dogs to greet another dog.
  • Owners agree to clean up after their dogs inside and outside of any class facilities. Poop bags and cleaning products are always available.
  • Owners must bring their own treats. Treats must be soft, chewy, and pea-sized. Please do not bring peanut butter treats to class.
  • Training must be paid for in full one week prior to the first class.
  • Payment methods: Cash, Cheque, Email Transfer. Keystone Training can arrange to meet with you prior to class to accept payment at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Receipts will be issued when payment is received. 
  • Registration is not complete until payment is received.
  • Group Obedience Class fees are non-refundable.
  • In the event of class cancellation by Keystone Training you will be notified by phone and a make-up class will be scheduled.
  • Missing 2 training classes over the course of a 4-6 week class will be considered a Drop-out. 
  • Drop-outs forfeit all fees. 
  • Drop-outs can not attend graduation.
  • If you are unable to attend a specific class please inform your trainer prior to the missed class. If time is permitted your trainer will help catch you up before the next class.
Training Methods and Equipment
  • Only Force-free training methods are to be used inside or outside of class. Yelling, leash jerking, kicking, hitting or other forms of punishment will not be tolerated. Owners/Handlers who punish their dogs will be asked to leave the class.
  • Flat buckle collars, body harnesses, or properly fitted Martingales only will be accepted in class. Choke, pinch, prong, or head halters will not be accepted. 
  • Standard 6 foot nylon or leather leashes are required. Flexi-leads are not accepted.
Photo and Video Release
  • By signing the Registration Form you agree that pictures and videos taken during class may be used for future marketing or educational purposes.
  • Weekly emails are sent out as apart of our group class curriculum. These emails include articles or videos that are relevant to group class discussions, reminders, updates, or cancellations if necessary. By registering for our classes you agree to be added to our email list. Please ensure our email address is on your Safe List to avoid messages being sent to your Spam folder. If you would like to be removed from the list when class is complete just let us know.