How it Works

Basic Training and Obedience

  • Cues covered: Sit, Down, Stay, Stand, Recall, Emergency Down, and more
  • Learn how to prevent unwanted behaviours using proper and appropriate management techniques
  • Learn about safe and appropriate exercise routines that suit your dog

Behaviour Modification

Our first goal with all behaviour clients is to reduce the dogs overall stress, as stress and anxiety are the leading causes of behaviour problems.

This is achieved by using a holistic approach that includes, but is not limited to: consistent daily schedules, avoiding stressful events and situations, sufficient down time to relax, managing your dogs immediate environment, appropriate physical exercise, appropriate mental stimulation, counter conditioning and desensitization to triggers and more.

Basic obedience cues are taught in all behaviour modification packages.

Learn how to read your dog, how to respond to them, and how to make adjustments to the environment in order to successfully modify their behaviour long term.

Right Track Puppy Training

  • Learn how to house train and crate train your new puppy
  • Teach basic cues (Sit, Down, Stay, Recall)
  • Learn about various types of equipment that will help your puppy be successful (crates, xpens, collars, harnesses, leashes, and more)
  • Learn how to incorporate training into a busy schedule
  • Learn how to prevent unwanted behaviours from occurring using appropriate management techniques
  • Teach your puppy how to cope with everyday life that might be new and sometimes scary for them

Facebook Group

All clients are required to join our client-only Facebook Group. This group is used to provide clients with important information.

There are several Units within the group and we ask that you mark 'Done' upon completion of each Unit.