My Safari Collection Pt 2.

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Another round of links from my iPhone Safari tabs. Part One is Here.

Aggression between Dogs in the Same Household-Psychology Today
The Why's, What's, and How's of aggression among house mates.

How to Build a Pet Agility Course-This Old House
DIY Agility Course.

Puppy Development Part
From Birth to Teenager.

Littermate Syndrome: The risky downside of raising sibling puppies-Better Nature Dog Training
Why adopting littermates is often not recommended. How to train littermates.

Why you should take your urban puppy to socials after just one set of shots-Better Nature Dog Training
Your dogs socialization period. The importance of socialization.

How to live with a dog-reactive dog and not lose your s#it: An (im)practical guide-Bull in the City
A tear-jerker for those with reactive dogs. A humorous account of the lengths and struggles owners go through. Something only another dog-reactive owner could understand!!! I personally printed this to read on the days when we have bad, highly-reactive walks.

The Effects of Training Methods on Stress Levels in Dogs-Psychology Today
The science of training. Rewards versus Punishment. A calculation of stress signals among trained dogs.

The Anti-Cesar Millan / Ian
The man who has been leading positive trainers for decades. He even has a PhD.

11 Ways to get the Most out of your Efforts-Toronto Dog Training Behaviour
How to get the most out of your dog training efforts.

Can You Hear Me Now by Nicole Wilde
If you call your dog and they happily continue to trot off into the sunset, this article if for you.

Thresholds:The Movie-Eileen and Dogs
Dog Trainers often talk about dogs "going over threshold". What does it mean? And what does it look like?
A must read for owners of reactive/fearful/anxious dogs

Does Your Dog REALLY Understand a Verbal Cue?-Donna Hill Youtube
How to test if your dog REALLY understands the words we are using.


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