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Posted by Sheena Neil on Thursday, February 6, 2014 Under: Safari Collection
I currently have 16 webpage open on my phones web browser. Most are about dogs, surprise surprise.
I open them in Safari with the intention of later reading and sharing them on Facebook. 
Sharing 10 links may be a bit overwhelming for those who follow my page (plugging my own Facebook Page) so I decided to just compile them into a nice little list here.

They are in no particular order or subject.

- When Doing "Nothing" Overcomes Fear in a Dog by Dog Charming
A short article and video about a dog deciding on her own how to deal with a work crew in her yard.

- Whatever Happened to the Term Alpha Wolf by L. David Mech found at
A brief history of the science of wolves, where the term 'Alpha' came from, and why we don't use it anymore.

- It's Your Dog's Health. Everything You Need to Know About Parvo by Keither Niesenbaum, VMD 
The science of Parvo Virus.

- "It's All in How They're Raised" by Paws Abilities
Scientific explanation of nature vs nurture and fearful dogs. Very interesting, a bit long but quite detailed.

- Treat Training Trinity: Why Positive Reinforcement did not work for my dog by
A long time trainer explains the switch from traditional training to positive reinforcement. An excellent article on how to get the most out of your clicker and using the methods most effectively.

- How to Help with Recall - A Reinforcement Event (YouTube Video) by Glasgow Dog Trainer
A 4 minute video on becoming more reinforcing than the environment when recalling your dog.

- It's All Fun and Games ... and Your Dog Will Learn Something by Mutt About Town
Four games to play with your dog that teach and strengthen basic behaviours

- Dog's Closest Wolf Ancestors Went Extinct, DNA Study Shows by Stephanie Pappas found on Huffington Post
A look at new DNA studies and how it may change the idea we had of domestication

- Training Philosophy by Dogs and Babies 
*** I LOVE this article. A great explanation of why dogs do what dogs do... (well because they are dogs, right?!)
Changing what you do not like about their behaviour and tools and methods to accomplish that change.

- Shaping Polite Walking with a High Rate of Reinforcement Part 1 by Helix Fairweather found on Vimeo
Part 2
Part 3

Hope you have enjoyed some, if not all, of these webpages.

Check back soon, it doesn't take long for my Safari pages to pile up again.

*UPDATE* Part Two

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