Is your pet info up to date?

Posted by Sheena Neil on Thursday, July 17, 2014
Warmer weather tends to get us moving. Whether we're camping, visiting a long distance relative, or heading out on a road trip.
Many of us love to take our dogs to share in these adventures with us.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking enough. Losing a pet in an unfamiliar area can make your search more difficult.
The most reliable and loyal pets can easily go missing in strange places. Something as simple as a storm can cause a dog to panic and run off.

As I prepare for my summer vacation I have also double checked that all of my dogs information is up to date in various databases.

I will explain these steps in a moment.

As added protection I have also sent myself and family members an email with the following information.
Dogs' Name, Date of birth, Sex, Spayed, as well as some photos of her microchip tag, and rabies tag. Included are clear pictures of her and distinguishing markings such as scars.
I did this because in the event I do not have access to the internet I can have family members post her info and pictures for me.

As for the databases:
Her rabies tag has a 5 digit number and the website I have an account registered which includes my contact info, my veterinarians contact info, alternative phone numbers and email addresses.

Her microchip is from It too has a 6 digit external tag number. Again, I double checked that all contact info is up to date.

She also has a custom tag with my phone numbers on each side.
It is not recommended to put your dogs' name on their tag. This allows someone to more reliably call your dog.

Before heading out on your summer journey be sure to register/update your dogs information.
Have photos and info readily available.
Make sure your dog wears tags and has a microchip.

Also make sure that you have the appropriate vaccinations for the area you are travelling to. Different geographical areas may have different parasites and diseases.

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