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Posted by Sheena Neil on Friday, December 9, 2011
I recently came upon this disturbing link:

Women linked to Surrey 'dog rescue' group charged with dog-napping Click Here.

Just when I think I'm on top of giving my clients and friends the latest news and information I learn something else that I feel every dog owner should know.

I've recently been on a mission to spread the knowledge of puppy mills. Now, sadly, we need to be weary of rescue groups as well.
It can all be very overwhelming.

So how do you decide? How do you know that the place you get Fido from is humane and healthy?
The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has a page titled "Adopting from reputable shelters and rescue organizations" Click Here.
They also have a page "Where should I get a new pet" Click Here.

Whether adopting from a rescue group or buying from a breeder there are a number of ways to decide if they have the welfare of the animal in mind.
  • Ask to see where the animals are kept (are the facilities clean or are they in over their head)
  • Ask to speak to previous customers/adopters (ask them about their experience dealing with the breeder/rescue group.
  • Has the animal seen a veterinarian since being in their care (they should have a vet check before going to a new home, if at a rescue group has the animal been properly quarantined)
  • Has the animal had at least their first set of vaccinations?

When witnessing an animal in unfavorable conditions it is often tempting to take an animal home 'just to save it'. However, by doing so you are providing the breeder/irresponsible rescue group with the very motivation they are seeking, your money.

Take the time and talk to friends, family, groomers, veterinarian staff, and dog trainers to find a place that has your future companions health and happiness as a priority.

Keystone Training offers Breeder and Puppy Finder services available. We can help through all stages of getting a new pet. Starting with helping you choose the right breed for your family to interviewing potential breeders/rescue groups for you.

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