Busy season is upon us.

Posted by Sheena Neil on Thursday, March 27, 2014
Most people are surprised to hear that summer is actually my slow season. 
Dog owners are on holidays and camping, their evenings are filled with outdoor sports and activities.

Spring and Fall, however, tend to get pretty crazy.

My schedule for April and half of May is nearly full. To add to the work load I have recently enrolled in a course that specializes in reactive dogs. 
Dogs who are fearful or anxious can not learn in high-stress situations. The goal of this course is to provide dogs with a safe environment where learning can begin to be effective for them. 

Since my last post my Safari tabs have accumulated again.
Here they are.

Habits of Effective Clicker Trainers by Donna Hill YouTube Channel
This video is the first of a 4-part series. I highly recommend browsing around this channel. 

When Expectations Hurt by PeaceLoveFoster
A blog entry about the expectations humans put on our dogs. Changing behaviour takes time, patience, and understanding the root of the behaviour. Until this is understood we are doing a horrible disservice to our dogs.

Buying Your New Puppy Online.... No Papers? Noooo Problem by Puppy Mills Breed Misery
Did you know... It is illegal to advertise an animal as a Purebred and NOT supply registration papers? I sure didn't.
A quick cruise through your local online classified website will show that this is a HUGE problem. Leaving the topic of puppy mills and breeders aside... Registration papers belong to the animal. Breeders can NOT charge more to include papers. If you're puppy shopping make sure to research this topic if you are planning to purchase a purebred.

*Buyer beware* Kijiji recently changed their guidelines for ads that sell dogs. Keep an eye out for spelling mistakes in advertising headlines. Purebred is often spelled 'purebread' in an attempt to bypass Kijijis searches for prohibited ads.
In the recent changes that Kijiji has put in place they are now charging $4.99 for ads selling dogs/puppies. This fee is exempt for shelters and rescues. However, breeders are now selling animals in other categories (like 'accessories'.. no suitable words for this that I can post online. Just so sad). Puppies are being advertised as being available for 'Adoption'... but with a $1000 fee. I don't know about you but that is an OUTRAGEOUS price for a rescue. Anything to avoid the $4.99 fee and avoid the paper trailer that would be created by such a credit card transaction. 

Homemade Treat Recipes
I haven't tried any yet. Be sure to let me know if you try some and let me know how they turned out.

Teach 'Sit Pretty' for Protection Against Injury
There is a new area of dog training on the rise. Body Awareness and Conditioning . Using various types of equipment and props (you can make your own or use objects around the house) dogs are taught different positions on the equipment. Using a clicker, dogs are also taught how to move small individual muscles consciously. Being aware of their body and building individual muscles can help prevent injury or help recover from a previous injury. 

Help Your Shy Dog Gain Confidence 

Why all Pregnant Women with Dogs Need a Treat&Train

Foundation Exercises for Your Leash-Reactive Dog

Rear Paw Target
YouTube video for body awareness. It appears that this dog has already worked a bit on moving the back leg as he seems to be pretty conscious of it.

Multi-Dog Household Aggression

Well that reduces my Safari tabs by 10 websites.

Check back soon. There will be more.


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