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Need help training your dog?

There's an app for that.

Here are our favourite training related apps.

Sound Proof Puppy Training - iTunes , Google (Paid app.)

Soundproof Puppy Training app allows you to condition your dog to a variety of sounds.
The app includes thunderstorms, kids playing, crowds, dogs, grooming tools and more.

The app even has a grooming feature that includes the sound of hair clippers, as well as vibration.

Dog Decoder - iTunes (Paid app.)

Canine body language at your finger tips and on the go. Dog Decoder has categories for Emotional States (fear, anxiety, confidence, etc), Greetings, Calming Signals (blinking, tongue flick, yawing, etc), Stress Signals (panting, paw lift, etc), Play Signals, and more.

This app will educate you on the various body language signals your dog displays throughout the day. The app also includes a short quiz to test your current knowledge on canine body language (kids love this quiz).

Pet Poisons App
- iTunes (Paid app.)

This is a commonly used app on my phone. The app includes a very long list of various poisons that your dog or cat may get into.
The list includes various plants, human food, human medication, cosmetics, fertilizers, and much more.
Each poison is graded on how toxic is it, lists symptoms, and provides a detailed description of the poison.

You can also call the Pet Poison Hotline from within the app (there is a charge).

Finding Rover - iTunes, Google (Free app.)

Finding Rover brings facial recognition to the dog world.
Using facial recognition the app can help locate the owner of a lost pet based on a photo of the dog.

The phone can also use your current location to search for lost or found dogs in your area.

Users create profiles for their pets which includes a photo, description, markings, and additional information.

Fenzi Dog Sports Reinforcement
- iTunes (Free app.)

A Facebook suggested app. The Fenzi Dog Sports Reinforcement app allows you to customize the rate and types of reinforcement during your training.
The app has a timer and gives you cues of when to reward your dog, and what type of reward to use based on your preset parameters.

We have yet to use this app but it would be perfect for building duration and changing up your reinforcement schedule.

Dogsafe Dog in a Hot Car Checklist (Google) Paid app.

"Get step-by-step guidance to respond and document your actions, then send date to police, animal control, and veterinarians."

We hope you enjoy these apps and find them as helpful as we do.
Do you have a favourite dog app? Let us know on Facebook.

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