key·stone n.

1. Architecture The central wedge-shaped stone of an arch that locks its parts together.

2. The central supporting element of a whole.

About Us

Sheena Neil, and Keystone Training, is dedicated to using and promoting humane training methods, maintaining a professional manner, and treating all clients with respect.

Our goal is to help educate the responsibilities of pet ownership and offer information on canine physical and emotional well-being.

We believe all animals should be treated with kindness and fairness, regardless of species, breed, or past experience.

Working with animals in their comfort zone is our top priority, never pushing an animal into something they are not ready for or are uncomfortable doing.

We strive to earn the trust of all animals we encounter and work to maintain that trust.

Education, Certificates, and Memberships

Each organization requires their members to be devoted to a Code of Ethics regarding the use of humane treatment and training methods.

Ms.Neil continues to further her education through various courses, seminars, and workshops.
The areas she is most passionate about are:

  • positive husbandry and cooperative care
  • animal behaviour
  • science-based dog training
  • fear and aggression
  • treatment and prevention of training and behaviour problems

For more information on our training philosophies and beliefs Click Here.

Phone: 780-853-3421
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